Therapy for Individuals and Couples

As a psychologist the central focus in my work is to help my clients explore their unique, subjective experience and to make sense of it in a way which is both deeply meaningful and healing. By understanding strengths and weaknesses in the light of early experiences which have shaped them, emotional distress is relieved and individuals are empowered to make more effective choices. From this perspective psychotherapy becomes more user friendly.

Often we can only really see ourselves in the mirror provided by another. The framework of empathic understanding and support provided by the psychotherapeutic relationship enables the client to see him- or herself more clearly. I believe that this is my greatest strength as a therapist.

Because each person is unique, there can be no set formula for helping people find solutions to their problems. Rather, I work with each client to arrive at treatment goals which reflect their particular needs and set of circumstances. Then, by attending carefully and non-judgmentally to what is being presented, I develop intervention strategies to optimize the client’s ability to achieve these goals. Psychotherapy therefore becomes more relational and less confrontational.


I have had the honor to work with Bob (or Dr. Shafer) for 16 years now. Our work has enabled me to go from being a frightened, anxious, selfless being making many detrimental life decisions out of a desperate need to feel safe… to becoming confident, calm, relaxed and comfortable. In the past, I needed anti-anxiety medication to sleep and sometimes to make it through the day. I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and had very low self-esteem. Therefore, I wanted to hide my true self from people and was afraid if they saw the “real” me, they would not approve. Now, almost never do I feel the need to sensor myself before i speak or act. I no longer need to gain approval from people out there the world because I now approve of myself being exactly who I am regardless of the cost (and sometimes it does cost.) Bob has helped me gain the inner freedom and self-respect that allows me to be spontaneous and free to be me in my work and in the world at large. I love my life now and the freedom I feel…and I have Bob to thank for that.
Good job on the marriage counseling it has helped a lot.
Prior to counseling I had several relationships end badly.  Many complaints were failure.  So Dr Bob, I came to see you in order to find out why I kept making the same mistakes.  Your caring way and depth of understanding was not always easy but very productive.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Barry G.
Thank you for saving relationships. Your expertise in marriage counseling has helped us so much. You’re one of a kind Counselor!
Thank you, Bob, for helping me as I took my road less traveled. I am eternally grateful to you, for because of you I was never alone as I navigated it, fell down, got back up, often reached for your hand to help, support and guide me.Thank you so much for reparenting me so I could be living the amazing life I now get to live.
Karen D.
You know…Thanks for The help.
Very understanding and caring guy. Makes time for you, gives personal attention, and really has great personal insight! I recommend Robert highly.
This man saved my life! what an incredible healer he is.
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I Am A Pro-Commitment Marriage Friendly Therapist.